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Latswim is a company, which has founded in Latvia in 2011, with speciality in sport’s goods retail, especially in swimming and thriathlon.

Our work is oriented to Latvia’s swimmers and thriathlonists society. Company’s main purpose is to provide the chance to use newest and the best swimming and thriathlon equipment for athletes in different performace levels. From training process to competitions. It is possible because of our close collaboration with more than 20 recognizable sports equipment brands.

Our moto is to never stop where you are, because, if you work patiently and persistently, the good results will always be achieved. To give less attention to competitors, and more atention dedicate to your own work.
We try to follow this moto in our everyday life too, always working with improvements in our company and searching for new chances to further development.


We work only with high quality products and try to offer wide range of choice to our clients, giving them chance to feel like a personality. When shopping, we give each client indivudual attention and consultate about the product.
Our employees come from swimming environment and know the sphere perfectly. We collaborate with athletes and sports teams, giving them individual support.

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